Lidia Alina Nicolae | About me
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About me

Get to know me

I am Lidia Alina Nicolae, a visual artist, born in 1986 in Bucharest, Romania. I graduated the Masters in Graphics in 2010 and further specialized in traditional and applied graphics. My final dissertation project studies life-death analogy in the Mesopotamian culture also displayed in a personal exhibition in 2010. I’m a member of the National Union of Artist from Romania, Bucharest in Graphics branch, since October 2014.

My projects include ink drawings, paintings, engravings, books illustrations,  posters, brand identity, logo design, photography and objects. My artworks has been repeatedly exhibited both nationally and internationally in personal and group exhibition. While currently I am active as a graphic designer, I worked in the past as a book restorer at the National Library of Romania and in many private projects including posters, logo design, books illustrations, graphic works, objects and modeling.

While in 2010 I won the Grand Prize of the International  Federation on University Women Poster Competition in Mexico, in 2012 the refocus on applied arts into inter-disciplinary latitude, has lead to winning the Grand Prize at Figo music band poster competition held by Creative Allies, USA.

You can see more of my artwork on my blog:  and on my Facebook page: .


How I do what I do

A unique way of creating

I express what I feel in my artworks without adhering to a particular style. I don’t distinguish between representation and abstraction, and I am not bound by historical trends and tradition. I choose freely to use a variety of materials and methods. I like to paint figurative subjects including abstract, bodies and anatomy, Buddhist images, still life, natural elements and textures. I feel novel subjects and strange or unusual things don’t last long and what is in vogue is only temporary. I find interesting meaning in ordinary subjects. For instance, I find it beautiful and enjoyable to draw even a small stone. I love Dürer, Van Gogh, Schiele and Hokusai.

I always observe nature and express my feelings through my work. I strive to work without losing my vitality. My outlook is always changing and I am ever looking for new things to observe and express.







Lidia Alina Nicolae